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Fifty years of an East/West scientific controversy reveals a still classified cold war secret; non-thermal EMR weapon effects are the basis for massive East/West mind control projects The 1989 Breakup of the Soviet Union leads to US admission of classified mind control technology and exposes massive Russian mind control arsenal US government takes extreme measures to keep this powerful weapon under wraps; refuse to acknowledge alleged weapon testing on US citizens, while Russian government admits to mind control weapons and experiment victims take their case to the Russian government, the Duma and Soviet press After fifty years, the truth is now out: Control of your mind is a military capability What follows are the supporting facts from several independent and reputable mainstream publications and experts.

As a result, the horrific human rights abuses of illegal and classified experiments in the US and Russia continuing to this day are becoming public knowledge.

95616 * CAHRA [now Mind Justice], Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapons, in order to stop the abuse. Bertell documented military microwave zapping of Greenham Commons women nuclear protesters in the 1980s as reported in London Guardian March 10, 1987.

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Smoke detectors to warn us of fire, x-ray machines to detect weapons or other devices in luggage and cargo, and certain types of imaging to look for diseases are all application of radiation for the benefit of society.

Because microwave ovens are so convenient and energy efficient, as compared to conventional ovens, very few homes or restaurants are without them.

In general, people believe that whatever a microwave oven does to foods cooked in it doesn't have any negative effect on either the food or them.

He considered that the flattened head was caused by repeated powerful blows (his examination was done pre Darwinism 1859).

When more finds came to light with what also appeared to be rickets, it was considered far too much of a coincidence and for lack of any other explanation they became relegated to a sub-human category.