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Getting quality dates with the idea person carries risk of infection, and when to pull plug, water is too cold survive in real world.
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Bumble App for Android: Bumble dating app is similar to Tinder that connects you to the people in your surroundings.

You can call it location based social messaging application.

Now, Bumble dating app is also available for android users. You can directly download the app on your smartphones through Google Play Store.

But, if you are an Indian then you still have to wait for few more days because this app is not yet available for Indian android users. I hope this app will be available in every country. ⇒ First of all you must download and install Google Play Store on your mobile phones.

Our crazy notion that a room full of artists, scientists and makers would be interested in each others work and willing to invest their time to explore the possibilities of collaborating..

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A scaffold frame would follow in the final design but was beyond the budget for these first attempts.

After ASMbly Lab Superposition were invited to display at Light Night Leeds 2013 Unit Cell was billed as an immersive sound sculpture inspired by the work of WL and WH Bragg who first proposed using x-rays to study crystal structures 100 years ago in Leeds.

In Unit Cell, the x-rays are replaced by sound waves and the crystal is an array of 125 beach balls suspended in space.

In 1600 Leonardo da Vinci projected a prototype of today’s clock.

His studies about the laws of motion led him to the design of this clock which uses the chain with weights and grooved wheels to calculate the cooling time.