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Lana wachowski dating

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MAX RIEMELT: For me, it was new, in the way that I’d never gone back to a project with a character. I felt like we tried to reach even higher and they tried to challenge us more, and pushed the boundaries, in every way.

I usually do films, and you do two months and then forget about it. Being together, so intensely, for eight months is really challenging. When we started the second season, we had to jump off of a platform on a rig, just to show our will to cross a certain line or to overcome our fears.

Silvestre, who’s helped flesh out Lito as he wrestles with coming out and sharing his boyfriend with the world (played by Alfonso Herrera), said he and the cast had the most wonderful time at Pride.

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Jennifer was also pregnant with Keanu's child in 1999.

They've written and directed seven feature films together, and in 2015, they launched their first television show: Netflix’s Sense8, which they co-created with J. Now, for the first time in her professional career, Lana Wachowski is going it alone as the singular director and guiding voice of every episode of Sense8 Season 2.

“Lilly needed to take some time off,” Jamie Clayton, one of the show's stars, told Buzz Feed News of the executive producer in a phone interview.

As an actor on the show, which follows eight different characters around the globe who share a psychic connection, he knows he has little control over the final product audiences get to see.

So much of it is made and reshaped in the editing room.