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Many political holidays and observances were established to honor political freedom in many parts of the country.

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Pepper Schwartz: I was flipping channels the other night when I came across the nearly unwatchable Hall Pass (2011), a simpleminded movie with an even simpler premise: When the partners in a long-term marriage get sexually antsy, they start fantasizing — seriously fantasizing — about strangers.And they become obsessed with the question, “Will I ever have sex with anyone but my wife/husband before I die? Correspondingly, many movies have dealt with affairs, most notably, Long before our modern era, infidelity was a recurrent element in literature and art. The Ten Commandments devotes a specific commandment to it. Similarly, many anthropologists have repeatedly claimed that Homo sapiens throughout its evolution, like most animals, has not been naturally monogamous. Some better known examples are Spencer Tracy's life long affair with Katharine Hepburn, Bill Cosby, Sophia Loren and a seemingly endless stream of other Hollywood celebrities. Homer's Anthropologist Margaret Mead once suggested that monogamy is the most difficult of all human marital arrangements. When we find out that we have cancer we don’t hesitate to enlist the help of an oncologist.Yet when sexual sin plagues us we think we need to conquer it on our own.Harry Schaumburg is a speaker, author, and counselor specializing in the area of sexual sin in the church.He is the director of Stone Gate Resources and the author of False Intimacy: Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction (1997) and Undefiled: Redemption From Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships (2009).

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Sexual ethics seeks to understand and evaluate the moral conduct of interpersonal relationships and sexual activities from social, cultural, and philosophical perspectives.Considerable controversy continues over which system of ethics or morality best promotes human happiness, and which, if any, is inherently right.Flirting can be an expression of sexuality and a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic and/or sexual interest towards another.As I understood this, I was broken and wanted to be part of the solution.” We break the silence in the church about sexual sin, sharing our own stories of brokenness and how Christ has set us free, as well as offering one on one consultation for struggling adults.We connect men and women to groups that will help them find freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, along with providing help for their partner to heal from the trauma of betrayal.We deny the seriousness of it, refusing to get help.